Multilingual activities with students at the IES Pedra da Auga Secondary School.

Lesson 1:

During the first three months of the schoolyear 2009-2010, more than70 students from all the school classes worked with the first lesson in the language that they had voluntarily chosen, from the following ones:

Dutch, German, Finnish, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Indonesian, Wolof and Swahili.
Some videos were recorded during these first practices. The video quality is poor, but there can be seen the ways in which the students managed to get into the languages that they had chosen.


Lesson 2:

After finishing Lesson 2, up to 70 students took part at this activity. They had to buy and sell different objects speaking the language that they had learned. A total of 12 different languages met together at this market, and the international signs were used for the mutual understanding. More than 60 students from other countries (Finland, Netrherlands, Italy and Portugal) took also part at this activity on may 2010. You can see a video clip that shows the preparation of the activity by our students, as well as some TV programs that recorded this activity.


Previous activities